8 Best Practices for Maximizing Profit with BDR

Written by Terry Ledger, Owner and CEO of Network Coverage.

Data safety is one of the top 10 IT concerns for small-medium sized business. As cyberattacks rapidly become more eminent, MSPs play a key role on keeping SMBs most valuable resources protected. To be prepared for unexpected threats, besides security tools, you need to ensure your offer includes Backup and Disaster Recovery—the last line of defense against cybercrimes. Although mundane for technicians, BDR tasks are extremely important for your client’s successful business operation and it’s a promising opportunity for revenue. In this eBook you’ll find out from Terry Ledger, the owner and CEO of Network Coverage, a successful MSP for over twenty years, the best practices to offer a leading BDR service while maximizing profit.

  • Hear from an MSPs how they’ve been successful with BDR
  • Strategies to help you sell BDR to your clients
  • Learn practical tips to boost your BDR revenue

About the author:

Terry Ledger

Terry Ledger is recognized throughout the IT industry for developing one of the most efficient, resolution driven IT companies. Founded in 1996, Network Coverage focuses on the commercial construction industry providing over 400 years of IT experience supporting construction software and the hardware necessary to help it perform optimally.

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